lost in scraps of paper

Haiku 030

Seeking relaxation
you find between the branches
sound of breath


Another Poem for the Ashes

May God have mercy on the sleeping flower buds.
How many tears will it take to awaken you?
Rise from beneath and face the light!
Or be swallowed with one thousand other dead things on this earth.
There, no winds nor shadows will know your tragedy.
So sink no further, young bud.
For whatever source of life made you be
also wants you known.

Take a picture
please, remember this peace
outside my window


beautiful naked girl
lying  on my chest
as you breathe
tell me how my heart beats

What is missing from my heart?

There’s always a pretty excuse to suffer.

If you lose [her],

Why are you afraid to cry?

What a beautiful way to love, pretending not to care.


Just as fire boils, my eyes still speak your name.